What is Tuesday  Foods?

The uncertainty of a Tuesday often arises as Monday’s sting slowly passes by. Tuesday resembles the fork in the road, the ‘to be or not to be’ of the week ahead. We choose optimism, we choose Tuesday as confidence. Indulge in trust and certainty. Post each Monday, comes Tuesday where we can lift our spirit and conquer our week ahead.

Trust in Tuesday. Trust in sustainable seafood.

Our Story

Tuesday Foods is an Australian brand that celebrates food with function. Tuesday supports quality taste with sustainable fishing methods. Tuesday chooses species that are not endangered or farmed. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients, to give you convenient, healthy meals you trust.

Tuesday’s premium seafood range is caught off the coast of Albany, Western Australia. Celebrating the local fresh fish from the coldest waters of the Great Southern Ocean. We strive to build our product offering of 100% Australian seafood, supplying customers unique ocean to plate options.